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A deep adventure in our oceans

As a member of the marine scuba diving resistance army, you will fight to keep our oceans sustainable and take down the evil corporation, OilCorp. The Scubaverse immerses players in the underwater world and gives them the opportunity to develop important skills like base building, renewable energy, plastic cleaning, oil leak cleaning, marine farming, and more. Learn, battle and make friends for survival. Join us in the fight for our oceans in The Scubaverse!

Say hi to the Scuba Buddies

Scuba buddies are the cutest creatures you'll encounter deep down. They will help you overcome the other not-so-cute creatures that dwell there.

Play in marine digital twins

Scubaverse is based on real marine scientific data sets along with satellite and GPS live data. Events of the games will be produced by real ecosystem threats and the gamers will have the opportunity to have a real impact on the world.

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More than a game

3 billion people worldwide rely on fish as their primary source of protein. That’s approximately the number of people playing video games in the world. - Gamers interactions in the game will be linked to real life actions - By playing the game they will train AI models data and improve sustainability data tools - Benefits from the game will be invested in marine regeneration actions